Leader Blues

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

EDITORIAL>> Another reason to hate Texas

You thought the Arkansas legislature was bad? When it comes to foolish lawmaking, the Texas assembly has put us in the shade again.

Last week, the Texas House of Representatives passed a bill making it unlawful for high school cheerleaders to perform suggestive or titillating routines on the sidelines of sporting events. It apparently does not apply to the Dallas Cowboy pep squad.

We can be philosophical about restricting the motions of cheerleaders. It counts as progress in Texas. We remember a few years ago when Texas faced a different cheerleader problem, mothers hiring hit men for their daughters’ cheerleader rivals.

But now comes news that the Texas Senate has killed a bill naming a 49-mile section of Highway 130 near Austin after Willie Nelson. Actually, two Republican senators who objected to Nelson’s politics — he raised money for a Democrat or two — blocked the bill. Its Democratic sponsors gave up last week.

Not name a highway after Willie Nelson? What could they be thinking about? No Arkansas lawmaker, Republican or Democrat, would dare block a bill to name a roadway after Johnny Cash or Levon Helm.

That is the difference between Arkansas and Texas.