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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

SPORTS>> Early heat slows down Falcons' spring drills

Leader sports editor

The North Pulaski Falcons got spring practice started again this week, and the unseasonable heat played a big role in just the third day of full pads.

“It’s hot,” North Pulaski coach Tony Bohannon said. “In a way you want it hot, but it’s taking its toll on ‘em. You could really see it (Monday).”

One of the biggest question marks the Falcons face heading into the spring session is at the quarterback position. Four players have been taking snaps, trying to fill the hole left by three-year starter Mitchell Regnas.

Scott Bolen, Shane Graham, Josh Wiley and Jason Regnas are currently working the position under center. Bolen and Graham may be moving ahead of the others as the top two for the spot.

“Scott Bolen and Shane Graham are both doing well, especially Scott,” Bohannon said. “He’s doing a good job and looking pretty good. It’s still way too early to tell though. That’s just for right now. They’re all four still kind of bunched up together.”

Bohannon made it clear that the 2005 football Falcons would attempt to put the ball in the air much more than in the past, while keeping much of their run formations intact as well.

“We’re not completely discarding the I-formation, but we’ve got some new stuff we want to put in. We’re doing a lot of learning.”
The new formations have required a lot of teaching time so far this spring. But the team has still gotten after it physically.

“We’re doing some learning but there’s been a few licks passed out too,” Bohannon said.

The physical nature of the practices hasn’t caused any injuries so far. One player has suffered a dislocated finger, but no other injuries have been reported.

“We’ve escaped injuries so far,” Bohannon said. “The kids are playing through some little aches and things. They’re responding very well to what we’re teaching them. It’s been a good spring so far.”

Bohannon says the Falcons plan to do some live scrimmaging on Thursday, their last day of spring practice.

Numbers haven’t increased, still hovering between 35 and 40 players dressing out per day. Athletic banquets for other sports, among other things, have interfered with football practice for some players. But more are expected to come out when two-a-days begin in August.