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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

TOP STORY >> Sherwood aldermen get terms extended

Leader staff writer

Voters in Sherwood on Tuesday approved extending the terms of aldermen from two years to staggered four years by a vote of 682 to 584.
The city, following Jacksonville’s lead, which voted in four-year terms last year, has four wards with two positions each.

Starting in November 2006, those winning Position One terms will serve four-year terms, while Position Two aldermen will continue to serve two-year terms.

In November 2008, the Position Two seats would be up for election again and this time the aldermen would be elected to four-year terms.
State law allows cities the size of Sherwood to have their council members serve four-year terms. Until now, cities could only allow their council members to serve two-year terms.

Alderman Sheila Sulcer likes the idea of the staggered terms because it would guarantee that there would always be council members with experience.

Alderman Butch Davis agreed.

“With two-year terms, you immediately have to run for office again,” Davis said. “When you are always running for office, you are not getting a lot accomplished.”

Davis said the longer terms just make good sense.

Alderman Keith Rankin said he believes shifting to four-year terms is a good move for Sherwood.
“Two years is not enough time,” Rankin said.

“It is a learning process and in your last year, you are running for re-election.”