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Monday, July 31, 2006

FROM THE PUBLISHER >> Sheik, rattle and roll as war goes on

Leader publisher

You look at this chubby figure in clerical garb (he’s eating well while his people suffer), as well as al Qaida’s No. 2 man, Ayman Al Zawahiri, both determined to kill non-Moslems, and they make you appreciate civilization. Nasrallah and Al Zawahiri remind you of the Mexican bandits in “The Treasure of Sierra Madre” — thugs who kill for the thrill of it. Fighting continues in the Middle East, but the outcome will be the same it’s been in every war between Israel and the Arabs for the last 58 years: Israel will vanquish its enemies, although peace remains as elusive as ever.

As Hezbollah is brought down to size, we know this much: A free nation cannot compromise with terrorists, or they’ll come at you from all directions. Although much of the world is critical of Israel, support for the Jewish state remains strong in this country, especially among Christian Zionists. Most readers may not have heard of Christian Zionists until this latest war as the major media are talking more about the phenomenon. Christian Zionists, such as evangelist John Hagee of San Antonio, have organized rallies in behalf of Israel and raised millions of dollars in donations. Fox News, the most pro-Israel of the cablenews channels, is owned and managed by Christian Zionists, much to the chagrin of Israel bashers.

Most American Christians have long supported Israel, but more and more are calling themselves Zionists. My friend Jim Lewis, a former Jacksonville policeman, might not call himself that, but he’s raising funds and gathering support for Israel every way he can. Responding to my Wednesday column (“Beware: lines are signs of W.W. III”), John has emailed me this assessment of the fighting in the Middle East: “I believe that WWIII has started and that war will be much wider than most believe. I believe that it started on Hoshanah Rabbah 5761 (October 2001), when the U.S. attacked Afghanistan.
“WWIII, yes, it has started and though it may seem at times that nothing is happening, don’t be fooled. Many things are happening behind the scenes and those who have conspired to defeat Israel and push her into the sea are steadily at work. They will cry to the UN and to the World Court and may even have some successes.

“The end results will be the nations coming against Israel to enforce a UN resolution against Israel to make her comply with their wishes. This will happen in much the same way as the U.S. did against Iraq, but the nations coming will not be the same.
“The quartet....U.S., Russia, E.U. and U.N. Why are there four? Why the Big Four mentioned before the other world wars? There were four in the beginning and so it shall be in the end of time. Four nations who scattered Israel — Babylon, Medio-Persia, Greece and Rome. For those who know the patterns within the Scriptures we know also the outcome. “In the coming days we can look for Damascus to cease from being a city. How this will happen I do not know, but it shall happen. Will this make Russia the new defender of the Islamic faith with others against the U.S. and Israel?

“Well, we will have to wait and see. Do I have an opinion, yes, but then so does everyone else. But for those who can read between the lines it should not be hard to see what I believe will happen. “In the meantime my job here is to help those in Israel as much as I can with finances and encouragement! I pray that everyone who reads your article will do the same thing.”
Jim has asked me to mention two groups that are helping Israel and are accepting donations:

Hands Of Mercy
P.O. Box 31663
Jerusalem, 91000
Hands of Mercy
P.O. Box 795
Portland, Tenn.
USA Gush Etzion Foundation
P.O. Box 1030
Manchester, N.H. 03105