Leader Blues

Thursday, August 17, 2006

SPORTS >> NP ladies get new leader in basketball

IN SHORT: Former freshmen boys coach takes reins for North Pulaskis high school girls team for upcoming 2006-07 season.

Leader sports editor

After working through the volleyball season with its fifth coach in five years, many of the same Lady Falcons will move into basketball season, where they will play for the second coach in 15 years.

Longtime NP freshman boys head coach Todd Romaine will take over for departed Katrina Mimms, who was the head Lady Falcon for 14 seasons.

Romaine is taking over a program that has not been producing young talent for some time. The NPHS girls feeder program reached an all-time low when not enough players turned out to put a freshmen team on the court.

Despite the lack of players being sent up to the program the last few years, Romaine believes there is a good core of talent on the current high school team.

Weve got almost everyone coming back that was supposed to come back, Romaine said. We lost one big girl, but everyone else is back and I think weve got talent. Theres potential on this team. Im excited about the opportunity.

North Pulaski wont court a girls freshman team this year either, but mainly because there is no one to coach them. Romaine has been given the option of placing his six ninth graders on a junior-varsity squad, or playing them up on the varsity level.
Not having a ninth-grade coach kind of hurts you a little bit, but maybe itll work out for the best for us for the time being, Romaine said. Ill have them with me right away, and Ill get a chance to spend some time watching the eighth graders and seeing what we have coming.

Romaine doesnt know anything about his freshman talent. As the freshman boys coach, he watched some eighth-grade boys games, but paid little attention to the girls.

I had no idea any of this was going to happen, Romaine said of the sudden opening for the high-school girls job, and the subsequent offer for him to take the job. I never thought for a second during last school year that Id be the girls head coach this season. Of course if Id known that Id know a lot more right now about what weve got.

Romaine is also in the fact-gathering stage about his new conference. The AAAAA-East is loaded with teams that play a vastly different style than the teams in the former AAAA-Southeast.

I got on Mapquest last night just to find out where some of these schools are, Romaine said. I didnt even know where these schools are. Now Im trying to get some information about the teams. Im going to start making some phone calls and seeing what I can find out. Ive gathered so far that its a pretty good conference top to bottom. There wont be any easy games, but I think this team can be successful. Like I said, weve got talent.