Leader Blues

Friday, August 25, 2006

TOP STORY >>Girl who alerted district to fire is praised as hero

IN SHORT: School officials honor Brittany Musich and emergency responders for their efforts in fighting the blaze that destroyed Cabot Junior High North on Aug. 10.

Leader staff writer

Brittany Musich was publicly recognized Tuesday night by the Cabot Fire Department and school district officials for alerting administrators to the fire that burned down Cabot Junior High North Aug. 10.

Musich, a ninth grader at Cabot Junior High North, had been at the school helping her mother, Nita Musich, an em-ployee at the Cabot Junior High North office.

“Brittany was showing seventh graders around when she noticed the smoke coming from the media center,” Nita Musich told The Leader.

Brittany used the school intercom to tell her mother about the fire and to call 911.

“I think she acted appropriately, and we’re very proud of her,” Nita Musich said. Brittany is humble about the event, saying she only did what was right.

“She made the call that got everyone going and probably saved lives for folks who were inside the building,” said Cabot Fire Chief Phil Robinson.

Robinson presented Musich with a porcelain statue of a female firefighter holding a little girl during Tuesday night’s board of education meeting.

“The name of this statue is ‘Safe from Harm’ and that’s what Brittany did, she saved a lot of people from harm,” Robinson said.

The school board presented Musich with a $50 Wal-Mart gift card.

The Cabot Board of Education recognized the efforts of Cabot and other fire departments from surrounding communities for efforts in battling the blaze.

“It’s been said many times that a good leader is the result of being surrounded by good people,” Robinson said.

“While it may be debated if I’m a good leader or not, there’s no doubt that I’m surrounded by good people.”

The board recognized Cabot Police Chief Jackie Davis for keeping the Cabot Junior High North campus secure from onlookers and looters in the days since the blaze.