Leader Blues

Saturday, September 30, 2006

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“He was my sounding board,” Katie Jackson, mother of William B. Snyder, said about her son who died Sept. 26 in a tragic one-vehicle accident on Hwy. 70 near Hot Springs in Garland County.

The night before the accident Katie said Snyder had gone to Hot Springs to comfort his girlfriend whose grandmother had suffered a massive heart attack.

“He was coming home from consoling someone else,” Katie said. “And this just happened. I will always remember him for his big heart, his willingness to do things for others. He also had a great sense of humor. He never let things get him down.”
Snyder, 20, of Jacksonville, was a 2004 honor graduate of North Pulaski High School. He was a youth sponsor at New Life Assembly of God in Sherwood, and wished that all of his family and friends would be saved.

Lee Jackson, step-father of William, said he had a tremendous faith in God that he wanted others to share. “We raised him that God gives us this life and you make the best of it,” Lee said. “He learned that early and because of that was a hard worker. I remember him going on many mission trips and things with the church and he always worked to pay his way. He would mow yards, paint fences or rake yards to get money. Other parents would come up to me and say ‘This is just unheard of out of children these days.’ He was just a great young man.”

“He never drank or never smoked,” his mother said. “He learned how to laugh at himself at an early age too. He just never let anything get him down and when others would make fun of him he just turned it around to humor. He just believed in God’s ways.”

William’s father Kendell Snyder, said he had a “real strong faith in Christ. He was worried about other people and was always trying to make people happy and take care of others.”

His mother said he would go above and beyond to help others. “I remember one night him dropping everything to go out and get ice cream for a pregnant lady he knew,” she said. “He had a lot of respect for girls. He wouldn’t even leave a parking lot if there were girls there by themselves.”

Jeremy Echart, youth pastor at New Life Assembly of God in Sherwood, also knew of William’s heart for God.
“Will knew what he had experienced in God and had to share it with others,” Eckart said. “He was very aware that he had a call in life and would be involved in something within the church.”

William was the director of mission giving at the church.

Allison Nichols, who knew William through church, described him as a man after God’s own heart. “He was so strong and adamant in his faith,” Nichols said. “He was amazing; nothing ever got him down when it ca