Leader Blues

Monday, March 05, 2007

EDITORIALS>>Our military deserves thanks

Our subject today is competence ó those who do their job, especially in the public sector, without grandstanding, as if to say, ďItís all in a dayís work. Thatís what youíve hired us for.Ē

You look around, and youíll find competent people running local and state governments ó it might be a stretch to include the federal government ó but letís definitely include our neighbors at Little Rock Air Force Base and at Camp Robinson.

Theyíre in harmís way every day, saving lives in Iraq and doing good work everywhere. Airmen from LRAFB fly in supplies, replacing delivery trucks that are at risk of getting blown up by roadside bombs.

Our airmen have replaced more than 5,000 of such convoys, saving dozens of lives, if not hundreds.

Members of the Arkansas National Guardís 39th Brigade Combat Team are also serving their country in war-torn Iraq, as well as in tornado-damaged Dumas and elsewhere around the state and the globe.

According to the Talmud, if you save one life, itís as if youíve saved the whole word.

Our thanks to those men and women in the armed services who make America safe and proud.