Leader Blues

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

EDITORIALS>>Donít judge by the breed

To the editor:

Recently, one of my neighbors, who happens to be a local attorney, was bitten, while jogging, by a dachshund.
He never went to a doctor or called to report it to any authorities.

Listening to TV reports and reading news articles about the percentages of dog bites attributed to a specific breed of dog put me to thinking that most dog bites are probably never made part of the statistics of the true numbers of total assaults by dogs of any breed.

Pit bull dogs may be getting a bum rap, percentage wise, when other breeds may in truth be just as guilty, but the other breeds have not received the media attention from TV, print, etc. Dog bites by any one breed are inexcusable under any circumstance.

However, this attention has created a fear of this breed that has grown out of proportion.

It has become like the Salem witch trials of old, going from town to town, country to country, pushed along by fear and abetted by politicians wanting to impress their voters.

This plague of fear needs cool heads and common sense and a case-by-case evaluation not a blanket condemnation of one breed of dogs that the majority of them have never hurt anybody.

The condemnation should be for the owners who create such actions by the way they raise and treat their dogs.
If you agree with this position, let your quorum court members know how you feel.

Kelly Stone