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Monday, July 09, 2007

TOP STORY >>Sherwood votes Tuesday

IN SHORT: Four of five candidates turn in required campaign contribution reports, and the information shows that interim Mayor Bill Harmon has collected and spent the most money.

Leader staff writer

Four of the five Sherwood mayoral candidates have filed their required campaign-expense reports and Bill Harmon is leading the pack in contributions and expenses.

Harmon and City Clerk Vir-ginia Hillman both filed their reports on Tuesday, the deadline day, while Richard Devine and Doris Anderson were a day late with their reports.
As of Friday, Victor Sierra had not filed his campaign’s report.

Candidates filing late are subject to a letter of caution or warning and fines. “The guidelines suggest fines of $50 for reports filed one to three days late,” according to Graham Sloan with the state’s ethics commission.

“These reports are important,” Sloan said, “as it gives voters one last chance to look at the candidates.”

The special election to fill the unexpired term of Mayor Dan Stedman is Tuesday at eight polling sites open across Sherwood.
According to the reports, Harmon has received $32,995 in contributions and has spent $26,456 on his campaign through Monday, leaving him with a balance of $6,538.

Anderson was next with campaign contributions totaling $12,170 and expenses of $12,389, leaving her about $220 in the red. Hillman reported monetary contributions of $5,300, expenses of $3,991, and a balance of $1,524.

Devine’s report didn’t list contributions, expenses or a balance in the general summary portion of the report. But the report does show that he has received $1,500 in nonmoney contributions and has spent $9,909.

Harmon’s report shows that he has received $1,975 in “in kind” or nonmonetary contributions, including $127 worth of ball caps from Jim Davis, a $618 printing discount from Twin City Printing, a $100 screen-printing discount from Jess Woods and Bette Bright, another $112 screen- printing discount from the T-Shirt Shop and $1,000 worth of personal services from Cinergi, a company run by former Alderman Tom Brooks.

Harmon’s expenses include $10,316 on advertising (excluding radio, television and newspaper), $2,435 on office supplies, $4,506 on postage and about the same amount on direct mail.

He’s also paid out $3,206 on consultant fees, $900 on polls and $506 to Patti Clark who is listed as a campaign worker.
Of the 66 contributors listed in the campaign report, 34 have Sherwood addresses.

Only contributors of more than $50 are required to be listed.

Among the contributors are Cinergi, with a donation of $2,000; Byron McKimmey, a realtor who just had land annexed into Sherwood, donated $500; Larry Vassar, Alderman Becki Vassar’s husband, donated $500; Bob Franks, recently appointed to the Public Facilities Board, along with his wife donated $200; Bob Dawson, also just appointed to the Public Facilities Board, donated $300; and Metropolitan Realty and Development, which just had land annexed into Sherwood instead of Jacksonville, donated $1,000.

Other major contributors, according to the report, were JBBS, a company in North Little Rock, donated $1,000; Sherwood Holding Co., donated $1,000; Billy Molden donated $500; Steve Deere donated $500; Mike Marlar with Marlar Engineering donated $2,000; F and O Investments in North Little Rock donated $500; car dealer Frank Fletcher donated $2,000; Mattie Lainhart donated $2,000; Statewide Outdoor Advertising of North Little Rock donated $1,000; Randy Wiggins Co. of North Little Rock donated $500; Lila and Andrew Collins, owners of Cypress Properties, donated $1,000; Jake Van Pelt donated $500; Bobbie Hindman donated $500; Mary Harmon donated $2,000, and Raintight Roofing of North Little Rock donated $500.

Car dealer James Ray Arrington donated $1,500; Jeffrey Brantley of Jacksonville donated $500; $500 came from the James and Jean Greene Living Trust; Billy Hall with Ivy Hall Wrecker donated $500;Trimek Properties of Magnolia donated $1,000; Kathy Davis of Greenbriar donated $500; R&L Properties of Little Rock donated $500, and The Pong Man in North Little Rock donated $800.

According to Ander-son’s report, she’s used $9,260 of her own money to finance her campaign. She has received $150 worth of T-shirts from Custom Creations in North Little Rock.

Eleven of Anderson’s 25 listed contributors have Sher-wood addresses. Among her largest contributors were homebuilder Jack Wilson at $300; Paul Minton at $250; Julann Carney at $250 and Randy Wiggins, who also gave to the Harmon campaign, donated $100.

In her report, Hillman lists a $400 printing donation from Richard Moore and $85 printing donation from Harmon Trophy.
She lists 17 contributors of more than $50 and 11 of those are from Sherwood.

Among her contributors are Money Tree Loans at $1,000; Harold Fortson of Jacksonville gave $500; Louella Fortson of Jacksonville, donated $250; Dr. James and Barbara Sims donated $250; and Paul Minton, who also contributed to Anderson’s campaign, donated $250.

Hillman has also used $1,000 of her own money in the campaign.
She has spent $2,828 on political signs and $1,154 in direct mail.

Devine’s report shows $1,500 in non-monetary contributions, including $1,200 from a Little Rock company and $300 worth of T-shirts from Tom Reynolds.

Devine’s report shows no contributions over $50. Expenses include $4,200 with Custom Creations for cards, pencils and signs and $5,206 to Image Printing for campaign postcards.

There will be eight voting sites opened Tuesday from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
The sites are Sylvan Hills United Methodist Church, Brockington Road Church of the Nazarene, Sylvan Hills Community Church, the Jack Evans Senior Citizens Center, First Baptist Church of Sherwood, Cornerstone Bible Fellowship Church, Indianhead Lake Baptist Church and the Sherwood Youth Center.

Residents can call the Pulaski County clerk’s office at 340-8683 or go to www.pulaskiclerk.com to verify their polling site.