Leader Blues

Thursday, October 11, 2007

EDITORIALS>>Women take over

To the editor: Look alive, men! The women are conspiring against us. They are hiding behind hay bales and planning in the full moon. They are quietly reconnoitering to take the U.S. presidency.

Ladies! Donít do it.

You have been discovered. Cease and desist. Go back to your kitchens where you belong. You know full and well that your husbands, preachers and fathers will not allow you to vote for that woman, Ms. Clinton.

Be good girls, and do what you know is right. Vote for ďthe man.Ē You, Republican women! Do not vote in the Democratic primary. They will not let you join their team. Stick to the Republican primary, where you belong. Donít even think about it.

Stop thinking!
Gene Mason