Leader Blues

Monday, November 26, 2007

EDITORIALS>>Be thankful

Are you rich or poor? Short or tall? Thin or fat? Black, white or brown? Male or female? Employed or unemployed? A member of the haves or the have nots?

It doesnít matter because whatever your current station in life, we all have something to be thankful forófamily and friends, of course.

But most importantly, we should be thankful that we are in a country that allows us the opportunity to move up lifeís ladder, even here in central Arkansas.

Americaís history is a cornucopia of people moving up: The poor becoming rich, the mailroom clerk becoming the companyís president, even a shoe salesman (Harry S. Truman) becoming president.

Thatís what makes this country great. Everyone here has a chance. Itís not a right, but a true opportunity to achieve. Just look all around you.

Letís be thankful for that, and as we pursue our personal goals and dreams, letís work together to keep our country a place where dreams can and do come true.