Leader Blues

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

EDITORIALS>>Senate bill too intrusive

To the editor:

A Senate “thought crimes” bill targets Americans and the Internet as suspected terrorists.

If passed, this bill will set up a committee that will have the power to declare anything that does not fit its current agenda as an “extremist belief system.”

We do not need a government-appointed committee to label good, honest, hard-working Americans as heretics, witches, communists or terrorists. Bill S 1959 is scheduled to be voted on by the Senate in this current session of Congress.

Our First Amendment right of freedom of speech has been protected by the Bill of Rights for over 200 years. It is ridiculous to think that now after all this country has been through that we need a governmental committee to tell us what to say, think or do.

They will probably try to sneak this bill through during the Christmas holidays while everyone is distracted.

So if you value your freedom of speech as protected by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, I urge you to contact your senators today and tell them to vote “NO” on S. 1959.

Call Senators Mark Pryor 1-877-259-9602 and Blanche Lincoln at 202-224-4843.

David Scolli
North Little Rock