Leader Blues

Friday, March 28, 2008

TOP STORY > >Sherwood hopes it wins

Former Sherwood Alderman Tom Brooks makes the following arguments on why Gravel Ridge voters should support annexation with Sherwood on Tuesday:

To the residents of Gravel Ridge: Tuesday’s election is of conflicting feelings. They must choose between going to Sherwood or Jacksonville, when many would have preferred to be left alone. Jacksonville took this option off the table by their sudden effort to grab Gravel Ridge to enhance their tax base.

Sherwood offers a choice. It is a cleaner city with much lower taxes.

Sherwood hopes the residents of Gravel Ridge will choose Sherwood and grow with us. Sherwood, in addition to much lower taxes, will keep the excellent Grave Ridge Volunteer Fire Department and provide funds to man the fire department 24 hours a day, possibly improving the fire rating and lowering home insurance rates.

Sherwood’s crime rate and incidents of crime are much lower than Jacksonville’s and Sherwood has pledged substantial police services to Gravel Ridge. The Wall Street Journal has named Sherwood as one of the best cities in America to live in.

Several people have asked if their address will change. The answer is no.

For many years, Gravel Ridge youth have been involved in our sports programs. In fact, several Gravel Ridge residents serve on the Optimist Club board, which runs the ball program at one of the finest sports complexes in the nation—McReynolds Park.

For the past several weeks, Sherwood residents, including Mayor Virginia Hillman, who grew up in north Pulaski County, have walked door to door in Gravel Ridge with Gravel Ridge residents, answering questions about the annexation.

Sherwood has a close working relationship with the Little Rock Air Force Base and three Sherwood community leaders have been named honorary commanders. Also, sever Sherwood residents serve on the base’s community council.

We feel Sherwood offers the best remaining choice for Gravel Ridge residents.

Gravel Ridge will keep its identity, without being a cash cow for Jacksonville.

As one Gravel Ridge business owner recently put it: Jacksonville has the front entrance of the air base, Sherwood should have the back entrance.