Leader Blues

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

EDITORIAL >>Luck on our side

Many of our neighbors, friends and families have spent the last few days staring in disbelief at what was once a home, a business or even a ballpark. But as tragic as the damage was to Sylvan Hills High School—about $750,000, to the Sherwood sports complex and to the recently built Cabot High School—no one was seriously injured.

Imagine, 10 tornadoes raking across central Arkansas under the darkness of night, destroying a mobile home park in Saline County, homes and businesses in Little Rock and causing damage in Sherwood, Cabot and north Pulaski County—and no one was killed here.

That in itself is something we can all be thankful for.

Yes, neighbors, friends and families are looking for temporary housing, temporary transportation, food, clothing and other necessities, and because we are the people we are, we have been responding even before the storms passed and will continue to do so. We Arkansans will help, without hesitation, to clean up, repair, contribute and just offer a shoulder.

But through it all, let’s count our lucky stars, pay homage to the man upstairs, kiss a blarney stone, whatever it takes to make sure that those same stars are with us when the next system rolls through on Thursday.

Y’all be careful .