Leader Blues

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

EDITORIAL >>Regime change in Sherwood?

Sherwood Mayor Virginia Hillman has tried twice in the past three weeks to get a plan approved to open Maryland Avenue and twice it has been shut down by Harmonites—those city officials loyal to former mayor Bill Harmon.

Hillman’s plan still has a chance of succeeding, but it means having a number of the Harmonites slacking off on their allegiance for the good of the city—and that’s a slim chance.

The better deal for Hillman would be to wait.

One alderman has already decided not to run and the other three all face challenges. Who wins will send a message to Hillman and Harmon.

If the challengers win, Hillman will get Maryland Avenue opened—the new blood will see to it, and the good-old-boy system will fade fast.

But if the status quo stays, then gridlock will only increase as the Harmonites keep the brakes on Hillman’s power.

This all makes for a long summer, but an exciting fall. So stand by, or stand still in traffic on Brockington Road until this issue is resolved.