Leader Blues

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EDITORIAL >>Cathi Compton for circuit judge

Voters have to fly blindly in the selection of trial and appellate judges in Arkansas. Candidates for judge are not supposed to talk about their views on legal issues for fear that it might color or prejudge a decision they may have to make on the bench. Voters are left to decide on the basis of yard signs, slogans and clever or silly commercials.

A good premise on which to choose, although by no means the only one, is experience. In the race for Eleventh Division Circuit Court in Pulaski County, that tilts the choice to Cathi Compton. Her opponent is Melinda Gilbert, a lawyer with some years of experience herself.

Compton has many years of experience in all phases of litigation that confronts a circuit judge. She has handled civil and criminal litigation and pro-bono legal work. She chaired the first Arkansas Public Defender Commission.

Our considered judgment is that Cathi Compton is best prepared for the job.