Leader Blues

Monday, October 06, 2008

EDITORIAL >>We’re read in Congress

We’re not sure if our Wednesday editorial, “Bailout plan must pass,” swayed any votes on Friday in the House of Representatives, which finally passed a $700 billion rescue bill to shore up an economy that’s been on the brink since summer.
Cong. Vic Snyder’s office tells us the editorial was passed around in Congress, along with a handful of others from the Dallas Morning News, Washington Post and Boston Herald that supported the bailout plan, which we favored only reluctantly as a necessary step toward preventing a deeper recession.
After the House voted down the bill on Monday, some 30 votes switched in support on Friday, allowing for easy passage of the bill, which was also overwhelmingly approved in the Senate two days earlier.
Those votes, if not our editorial, may have saved Main Street and the nation.