Leader Blues

Friday, November 07, 2008

EDITORIAL >>In Boone’s memory

Arkansans have long had a reputation for helping out when help is needed and in our area at least this has continued to remain the case in spite of the recent economic downturn.

Responding to the tragedy that befell the family of David “Boone” Hogan of Cabot, family, friends, co-workers and many strangers stepped up with hopes of raising $10,000 to help the family, which became financially strapped after the 28-year-old Boone was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor.

Boone was married with three small daughters, Cortlyn, Madison and Briana. His wife, Nikki, was a nursing student but was forced to suspend her studies when her husband became unable to work.

He had worked as a cabinet maker at Falcon Jet for 10 years before he became ill just over a year ago. He was described by co-worker Chrissy Dougherty who had known him since their school days as “a genuinely good person. He was just the all-
American guy in high school.”

She said his friends decided to start the fund because Boone’s medical bills continued to multiply after he and his wife were unable to work and they needed to pay his insurance premiums to ensure his care. They also needed help with food for the family, she said.

To help him out, family and friends (counting on the kindness of each other, their co-workers and strangers) put together a haunted hayride at Ward which they hoped would be of some help before Boone’s death which his doctors said was imminent.

Unfortunately, Boone passed away Oct. 20, four days before the first hayride on Oct. 24. A two-day effort raised $4,800 for the financially-strapped family and two more hayrides were held Thursday and on Halloween. Co-workers at Falcon Jet raised $700 from office collections for the family and donations may continue to be made to funds set up in his name at Community Bank, First Sate Bank and Twin City Bank.

Dougherty said, “People need to know that this could happen to any of us at anytime and that we should be thankful for every healthy day of our life.” —Eileen Feldman