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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

TOP STORY >> Scholarship winners honored at annual banquet

Leader staff writer

The Cabot Scholarship Foundation gave out its first scholarship in 1992. For this school year, nearly 40 scholarships totaling about $38,000 were awarded through the foundation.

Scholarship winners were honored last week at the foundation’s annual fund-raising dinner.

The purpose of the foundation is to encourage and recognize academic excellence at Cabot High School.

Scholarships are made available to CHS seniors who have achieved academic excellence and who have demonstrated a desire to continue their education at the college or university level.

Funds come from individuals, civic clubs, groups and businesses. The scholarships often honor former teachers or a loved one.

Many scholarships such as the Carolyn Mann and Carolyn Park scholarships had been awarded long before the formation of the scholarship foundation, but are now given out through the foundation.

Scholarship winners include:

– Hayden Balgavy, winner of the $1,000 Cabot Centennial Scholarship.

– Erica Roberg and Melissa Franchek, winners of the $1,500 Carolyn Mann scholarships.

– Kelsey Sparks, winner of the $1,250 Carolyn Park Scholarship.

– Linda Gault, winner of the $1,000 Cabot Area Home Builders Association Scholarship.

– Nathan Byrnes, winner of the $1,000 Mike Malham Jr. Scholarship.

– David (D.J.) Glover, winner of the $1,500 Luther and Frances Rea Memorial Scholarship.

– Seth Mayfield, winner of the $1,000 Pamela Roberts-Smith Scholarship.

– James Santiago, winner of the $1,000 Mayor Willie and Gene Ray Scholarship.

– Rebecca Breeding, winner of the $1,000 Warren and Sandra Knight Scholarship.

– Alex Eanes, winner of the $1,500 Paula B. Green Memorial Scholarship.

– Lindsey Sled, winner of the $1,000 Charley Templeton Memorial Scholarship.

– Kayla Miller, winner of the Lance and Leann Hanshaw Servant-Leader Scholarship.

– Kristin Hopkins, winner of the $1,000 Jake P. and Judy Lowman Scholarship.

– Jack Bridges, winner of the $500 Regions Bank Scholarship.

– Korey Hendrix, James Miller and William Peckat, winners of the $500 Dr. Martha Ray Internship scholarships.

– Haley White, winner of the $1,000 Jeraldine Brown Scholarship.

– Brittany Einhorn, winner of the $1,000 Frances Holt Wittenberg Scholarship.

– Jacob Cervantes, winner of the $500 James D. Frederick Memorial Scholarship.

– Judy Pitts, winner of the $1,000 Nell and Thompson Barnwell Scholarship.

– Lindsey Grisham, winner of the $500 Cabot Fine Arts Council Scholarship.

– Terence Thornton, winner of the Cabot Junior High South Junior Honor Society Scholarship.

– Ethan Robson, winner of the $500 Scott Foltz Memorial Scholarship.

– Ashley Bartels, winner of the $1,000 Junior Auxiliary of Cabot Scholarship.

– William Hafner, winner of the $1,000 Jason Allan Moore Memorial Scholarship.

– Shelbie McCoy, winner of the $1,000 Cabot Panther Education Foundation Scholarship.

– Laura Foltz, $1,000 winner of the P.E.O. Chapter DL Scholarship.

– Nicklaus Benton, winner of the $500 Cabot Chamber of Commerce Scholarship.

– Blake Kaplon, winner of the $2,000 1st Lt. Tom Martin Memorial Scholarship.

– Denver Disotell, winner of the $500 Chris Robertson Memorial Scholarship.

– Carrie Lieblong, winner of the $500 Daniel Carron Memorial Scholarship.

– Melissa VanScoy, winner of the $1,500 Utley Brothers Scholarship.

– Taylor Hill, winner of the $500 Imagine Paul Mitchell Partner School Cosmetology Scholarship.

– Jordan Kinder, winner of the $600 Cabot AARP Scholarship.

– Shelby Robinson, winner of the $2,000 Centennial Bank Scholarship.

– Jordan Murdoch, winner of the $1,000 Cabot School Employees Scholarship.

– Patrick McFadden, winner of the $2,000 Kent and Karen Knight Scholarship.

Cabot Scholarship Foundation chairman John Thompson also recognized other major scholarship winners whose awards did not come through the foundation. Those students included:

– Shelby Davis and Sydney Rasch, winners of the $10,000 National Merit Finalists Award. The award is paid out over four years.

– Daniel Davis, Shelby Davis, Chad Hankins, Chase Henrichs, Lindsay Hoggart, Erin Larsen, Seth Mayfield, Sydney Rasch and Kristin Sumler, all winners of the $10,000 Governor’s Distinguished Award. The award is paid out over four years.

– Shelby Davis and Chad Hankins, winners of the $50,000 Honors College Fellowship. The award is paid out over four years.

– Chad Hankins, winner of the $12,000 State Farm scholarship. The award is paid out over four years.