Leader Blues

Friday, July 24, 2009

EDITORIAL >>Dog days

Itís time for some cheers.

Not the hip-hip-hooray type of cheer, but time for watermelon cheers. The first watermelon cheer goes to...the Sherwood City Council for spending money like it is the federal government. The main difference is that the feds can print up more, Sherwood canít. This year, the council has voted to spend $300,000 to revitalize the North Hills golf course, just over $100,000 for salaries for the golf superintendent and four other course employees, on top of $200,000 that was stolen from city funds.

All this money was taken from the cityís $2 million reserve fund. That still looks like thereís a lot left for emergencies, but a big downturn in taxes or lawsuit settlement, and poof, itís all gone.

The second watermelon cheer goes to...the Jackson-villeís City Council. In Gary Fletcherís first council meeting as mayor, the council quickly shoved through a motion to put John Ferrell into Fletcherís vacant council seat. The motion and second came so quickly, Fletcher didnít even have time to look up a date on the calendar that he was going to suggest for voting on his council replacement.

What was the rush?

Ferrell didnít even show up at the next council meeting after his appointment. He was locked into vacation plans that couldnít be changed. So why did he have to be appointed right away ó when the item was on the agenda for discussion only, and five other residents had sent in letters of interest and resumes?

In keeping with this paperís policy of fairness, Alderman Terry Sansing did vote against Ferrellís appointment as if it were an emergency.

Ah, the dog days of summer.