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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

TOP STORY >> Lonoke man arrested for raping child

Leader editor

A Lonoke man was arrested last week for the rape of a 5-year-old boy. The man, William Carl Andrews, 44, was arrested by Lonoke County sheriff’s deputies on Friday and charged with rape.

A spokesman for Lonoke County Sheriff Jim Roberson said the assault on the child happened in the central part of Lonoke County. He declined to name the town out of concern for the child’s privacy.

The spokesman, Lt. Jim Kulesa, also declined to give details of Andrews’ relationship to the child but said investigators believed “this wasn’t a random assault” and that the man knew the child. Kulesa would not say if other children also live in the home where the assault occurred but did say the case is being investigated.

Andrews is not a registered sex offender in Arkansas.

The Lonoke County Sheriff’s office was notified of the rape at around 4 p.m. Friday. Det. Michele Scroggins went to the home where the rape allegedly occurred. An investigation led to Andrews’ arrest about three hours later at the sheriff’s office. He is being held in the Lonoke County Detention Facility without bond until his first appearance in court on Friday.

A person found guilty of rape in Arkansas could be sentenced to prison for 10 to 80 years depending on criminal history.
Sexual-abuse victims rank high among children who are mistreated in Lonoke County.

Karen James, director of the Wade Knox Center, said that 90 percent of the 686 children the center has served since 2005 have been sex-abuse victims. The center, which is not involved in this case, is in Lonoke and serves physical, mental and sexual-abuse victims.

“We provide interview services,” she said.

Victims, ages 3-17, come to the center through police referrals. Forensic interviewers interview the children while they’re observed by law-enforcement officials.

The center helps children feel safe while talking about the abuse they have endured. The center also provides referrals for medical and therapy services.