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Friday, August 21, 2009

TOP STORY >> Sherwood revamping trash fees

Leader staff writer

The Sherwood City Council will vote Monday night on a revamped waste ordinance that includes increasing fees to residents as the city prepares to go to an automated collection system.

The automated solid waste collection system will be the method of collection for household waste within the city limits if the ordinance is approved.

The new system would go into effect by the end of the year.

Each dwelling unit in the city, without exception, will be charged $12 a month and be given one city-owned roll-out cart to use for trash collection.

On trash pickup days, the roll-out carts will be placed on the public street abutting the property or edge of the street where it doesn’t interfere with traffic flow, yet allows the cart to be picked up by the automated trucks.

Other than the pickup day, the carts must be to the side or rear of the home or the resident can be fined.

If the homeowner damages any cart that resident will be charged $50. If it is stolen, the city will replace it the first time. After that, the homeowner is responsible.

A special fee of at least $25, according to the ordinance, will be charged to pick up trash from construction; tree removal, remodeling, fires and general clean up of properties or other unusual, large quantities of solid waste or trash.