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Friday, November 06, 2009

TOP STORY >> Cabot’s Silver Screen now in 3D

Silver Screen Theater manager Joe Creamer (from left), concession worker Jera Self and projectionist Chris Rodriguez try out the movie house’s new 3D glasses. The theater showed its first 3D movie, “A Christmas Carol,” on Friday.

Silver Screen theater has undergone renovations, including a new facade.

Leader staff writer

Theatergoers in Cabot got an early Christmas present Friday – in the form of “A Christmas Carol,” starring Jim Carey, in 3D.

Silver Screen Theater in Cabot will be joining the 1 percent of the 27,000 theaters in North America that use the Dolby 3D Digital Light Projection System.

“We’ve done some renovations,” said owner Matt Smith. “All the seating is new.” Smith says that both the theater in Cabot and Searcy Cinema 8 will have new carpet, seats, signs, neon and facades, as well as the new 3D technology, once the renovations are finished. The Cabot theater renovations are finished and Searcy’s are still in progress.

The 3D Dolby Digital Light Projection System is “cutting edge technology, it’s the best 3D out there,” according to Smith.

“Dolby (newest 3D technology) has just hit theaters,” said Smith. “It’s come out since this past spring.”

The new generation of 3D glasses, made by Dolby, can be considered “green” because they are reusable. “These are not the old school 3D glasses,” Smith told The Leader.

He says the eyewear is sturdy and made to last. When purchasing a ticket, consumers will receive a pair of glasses that will be turned in to an usher when leaving the theater.

According to Arkansas law, films must be screened before theaters in the state can book a movie; so upcoming 3D showings have yet to be scheduled. Fifteen major motion pictures, featuring 3D, are slated for release in 2010. Among those are
“Avatar,” “How to Train Your Dragon,” “Piranha,” Shrek: Forever After,” “Toy Story 3,” “Cats and Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore” and “Alice in Wonderland.”

Smith says the new seats in the theaters are high-back rockers and are also a bit wider. The seats also have popup arm rests with cup holders. When raised, the armrests allow the single seats to become a love seat.

Smith says the theaters have season specials, such as free popcorn on Thursdays in the fall and spring. Matinees are held at 2 p.m. anytime school is out. During summer months, the theater shows family films for $1 admission one or two mornings a week.

Ticket and concession prices will remain the same, Smith says. However, ticket prices for 3D showings will have a surcharge added. Smith says plans for the Cabot and Searcy theaters include adding four screens to each.

For times and ticket prices, visit www.silverscreencabot.com or www.searcycinema.com.