Former cop rips pardon
Leader staff writers

____Helen Spencer may have died after Glen Green put a silver-dollar-sized hole in her skull with his handy nun- chucks.
____ She may have died when Green threw her in the trunk of his car.
____She may have died after Green ran over her twice.
____ Her heart may still have been beating when Green was kicked or pushed into the bayou.
____ However Helen Spencer died, Green should spend the rest of his life in prison for his brutal acts, according to Don Egelhoff, the lead investigator in the 1974 murder case.
____ Of Gov. Mike Huckabee's announced intention to grant Green – a white, born-again Chri-tian – clemency and cut him loose, Egelhoff said Tuesday afternoon, "It sucks."
____ Spencer, then a Gravel Ridge resident, was just 18 back in the early morning hours of Oct. 22, 1974.
____ Beautiful, with long, silky blond hair, she was a vivacious young lady in the full bloom of life when she went to Little Rock Air Force Base and tapped on her boyfriend's barracks' window to wake him up, according to Egelhoff.
____ She didn't want him to be late for a training flight.
____ He woke up but he never had the chance to thank her. By the time he got dressed and went out to meet her, Spencer was gone–in the grasp of Green.
____ Because the boyfriend left on a two-week training flight to England, she wasn't even found missing until four days after his return.
____ Her brutalized body was found–a hand sticking out of the murky waters of Twin Prairie Bayou in Lonoke County, the outline of her body barely visible.
____ According to the police report, and later the judicial system, the killer was 21-year-old Sgt. Glen Green–someone, who when seeing Spencer that fateful morning, nudged a fellow airman and reportedly said he wanted to have sex with the woman.
____ According to the police investigation, after Spen-cer knocked on her boyfriend's window she went into a nearby barracks into the CQ (Charge of Quarters) room to either warm up or kill time. Green was also in that room.
____ Spencer was in the room for about 15 minutes then went back to her boyfriend's barracks and sat down in the stairwell. Green followed. He hit or kicked her and dragged her to the top of a nearby hill and attempted to sexually assault her.
____ Spencer broke loose and began to run toward the barracks' parking lot. He struck her behind the right ear with a pair of nunchucks, according to the Jacksonville police report.
____ Green picked her up and carried her to his car and threw her in the trunk. She was in the trunk for about three hours as he went and washed and dried his clothes. He then drove down Graham Road to the second bridge east of Loop Road. Green then got Spencer's body out of the trunk.
____ Green told investigators that her body was still warm when he got to the bridge, so he put her in the front seat to rape her.
____ Later, he lined up the body perpendicular to the front of his car and proceeded to run over her body and head.
____ He backed up and did it again, then pushed or kicked the body into the bayou.
____ "The governor is being mislead by a friend," said Egelhoff. "I think that friend is being mislead by a con. Conned by a con. He's had 30 years to get it down right. He's nothing but a cold-blooded killer."
____ "He can be a Christian and God can forgive him and take him to heaven," said Egelhoff, but while on earth, he needs to finish out his sentence.
____ "Society doesn't have to give up the right to punish him for what he did."
____ Egelhoff said if Green has new evidence that his confession was coerced, as he claims, he should have a new trial, not a get-out-of-jail-free card.
____ "We didn't need a confession," Egelhoff says. "We had enough physical evidence and eye witnesses to convict him in a court."
____ "He had a vintage Thunderbird," he said. "We found hair and blood in the trunk of the car, under the undercarriage of his car. She was still alive when she was run over based on autopsy findings, he said.
____ She may not have known she was pregnant.
____ "When I talked with him, he had no remorse. He said he was glad he'd been caught, it had been bothering him."
____ After Green kicked her off the bridge, he told Egelhoff, he howled at the moon.
____ Egelhoff said he had registered his complaint about the clemency to Steve Cox, the governor's lawyer.
____ "He said he'd tell the governor my feelings. I don't think it will do any good," said Egelhoff. "I don't think he'll listen to an old retired police officer when one of his preachers swears up and down Green's rehabilitated."