EDITORIAL >> Lawmakers go home

The General Assembly wrapped up its session Thursday after 88 days with the lawmakers and the governor swapping lavish encomiums and everyone pounding their own backs in the ritual of self-congratulation that has followed every biennial session for a century and a half. But unless we missed it, no one called the session “historic,” which was the label that governors […]

TOP STORY >> City asks residents to join storm alert

By JOAN McCOYLeader staff writerThe Thursday night storm in Cabot was the first test of CodeRED, the free emergency-notification system that will alert residents of approaching storms. It worked, but only for the 1,000 or so residents who have registered. About 9,000 did not get the potentially life-saving call from the National Weather Service.CodeRED is open to everyone inside Cabot […]

TOP STORY >> Decisions will weigh on districts

By JOHN HOFHEIMERLeader senior staff writerTwo events affecting the future of the Pulaski County Special School District and a proposed standalone Jacksonville/North Pulaski school district take place a mile away from each other and an hour apart in Little Rock Monday.The state Board of Education convenes at 9 a.m. at the Arch Ford Education Building to consider Pulaski County’s petition […]

TOP STORY >> Mayoral hopefuls air views

By NANCY DOCKTERLeader staff writerLocal control of the public schools was made a top priority of the six candidates vying to lead Jacksonville as they presented their platforms at a library luncheon on Friday hosted by the AARP. Maintaining a strong relationship to Little Rock Air Force Base, the need for a revival of community spirit and pride, and new […]

TOP STORY >> Settlement will burden tight budget

By RICK KRONLeader staff writerSherwood officials are scrambling to find the money to pay a settlement with the city’s former ambulance provider that they had fired — a lawsuit that they think they should have won. “I don’t think any of us wanted to do it. I didn’t want to do it, but I didn’t see any other option,” said […]

TOP STORY >> C-130J survives cuts as budget tightened

By JOHN HOFHEIMERLeader senior staff writerThe proposed 2010 Defense Department budget would end procurement of one venerable airlifter, but the future for the C-130J looks brighter than ever, according to some observers.Little Rock Air Force Base is the pre-eminent C-130 base in the world and virtually all aircrews and maintainers are trained there.Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ proposed $534 billion budget […]