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Thessing will lead NLRPD

Interim police chief is made permanent, and mayor picks chief of staff.

For many North Little Rock residents, the mayor’s announcement of Patrick Thessing as chief of police came as welcome news.
On Facebook, Beverly Whiteside Livingston wrote, “This is awesome news. Patrick Thessing is a perfect guy for the job.”
Tonia Acker commented, “Couldn’t be a nicer guy for the job.”
Others were thrilled that new Mayor Terry Hartwick appointed a “humble servant” who grew up in Levy, and adding, this guy is the real deal.
Kent Stewart said, “I’m a little surprised that the city has this much sense. Again (an) outstanding choice.”
Mayor Terry Hartwick agreed with many of the comments and that was part of the reason he tapped Thessing.
“Patrick is well-respected by his fellow officers, supervisors and patrons. I wanted our next chief to come from in-house and to provide stability both internally and externally to our city,” Hartwick explained.
But Hartwick’s primary reason for appointing Thessing is, he said, “The outreach, experience and connection Patrick Thessing has with all neighborhoods of our community and police department. “
Thessing has worked for the city in a number of positions over the last 26 years, and these include patrolman, the investigations and training departments.
While in the training department, he was promoted to sergeant and worked in the patrol and professional standards division. 
He was later promoted to lieutenant, again working in the patrol division, where he oversaw the department’s accreditation process and was named patrol captain. 
“It has been an honor to work for the North Little Rock Police Department for the last 26 years,” Thessing said.
He credits his father with much of his success in life and as a police officer.
“My Dad told me to never forget the human element. A strong leader has to be fair as well as an excellent problem solver to work with all types of people,” he said.
While Thessing has a great deal more work ahead of him, he said, “Our job is to serve the community of North Little Rock.”

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